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Weight Management – Steps Involved in Medical Management


  1. Medical Overview
  2. Discuss management both medical and diet including supplements
  3. Arrange for an overview of Saxenda the injectable GLP-1 agonist for weight loss
  4. Ensure the client knows that slow and steady weight loss programs have failed over the decades
  5. We need controlled rapid, medically managed weight loss where there is no Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Element or Omega-3 deficiency occurs

If there is a medical concern

  1. Deal with any medical concerns
  2. Organise blood tests and imaging
  3. A follow up session may be needed for review of results
  4. Specialist referral may be needed if there is any concern


  1. If acceptable, enrol the client into the Saxenda program
  2. Provide the Saxenda ID for scripts
  3. Find a Saxenda associated Pharmacist nearby
  4. Discuss the Saxenda dose schedule
  5. Provide a script

Supplements Discussed

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

  1. The urge to get enough protein called Protein Leverage:
    These are free-form essential amino acids that the body cannot produce. This recommendation is based on the Protein Leverage research done by Prof Stephen Simpson and Prof David Raubenheimer from Oxford University and Sydney University that shows a critical drive by animals human or otherwise for protein adequacy. If there is insufficient amino acids (protein) then all animals will keep on eating to achieve protein adequacy.
  2. The need for EAAs in exercise for maximum protein synthesis
    Doing exercise without essential amino acids (EAAs) is redundant as muscle needs amino acids for protein synthesis. You get plenty of non-essential amino acids (NEAAs) in your diet but EAAs are critical

Multivitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements Why? We will be discussing intermittent fasting and cutting back calories and increasing physical activity. It is important to ensure adequacy of all micronutrients 

Omega-3’s especially DHA + Choline

This combination is vital to dampen inflammation in the body which can work against anyone wanting to lose weight but also important for any couple wanting to conceive a child.


1. The Quickstart Dietary Plan

2. Low -Carb Shopping List

3. Low-Carb Recipes

3. The Activ8Health Metabolic Impact Diet Principles