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The Activ8Health-Antioxidant-Plate

Example of an Activ8Health Antioxidant Plate
Such plates which should be constantly varied as discussed below are packed with phytochemicals, fibre (prebiotics), probiotics (yoghurt), polyphenols, antioxidants which could number in the 100’s to 1000’s of plant-based chemicals that nourish and protect the body enormously from all the toxic elements produced by the body itself or acquired from the environment.  

  • Purchase RAW nuts. Raw Activated (soaked) nuts are even better  — Cashews, Pistachios, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Macadamia & store in the fridge to avoid components of the nuts like ALA spoiling. Activation by soaking means that bound minerals are released.
  • Rotate these nuts — Recent studies show that too much of a good thing is bad. Choose two of the nuts mentioned above and have 5 of each of those. Then rotate, i.e. change the nuts used to add diversity in your dietd
  • Brazil Nuts — Are rich in Selenium and this mineral is critical for thyroid function. However, ensure these come from an Amazonian jungle country such as Brazil, Bolivia or Ecuador. Just TWO nuts maximum will provide you will all the selenium you need. Keep in mind too much Selenium is TOXIC. There is a ‘sweet spot’ for everything we consume
  • Seasonal Fruits — There are many seasonal fruits and exotic fruits such as Dragon Fruits you should look for and incorporate in your diet. This adds diversity. The worst thing to do is eat the same thing day-in and day-out.
  • Crudites – Sliced Veggies — Add sliced carrot, broccoli, broccolini, cucumber, radishes, capsicum (different colours) and other veggies you like as well to this plate, You can use a low-fat Coconut Yoghurt or a small amount of Hummus or Black Tahini (sesame paste) as a dip.