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Please read the full Terms & Conditions for use of information at www.a8h.com.au: Click here

Information provided and intent of this information

Any and all information you find in this website is intended for information purposes only and never for self-guided management of any medical condition. Any an all information on this website is not intended for diagnostic purposes and no claim is made for curative intent of any medical condition.

A totally integrated approach

It is strongly advised that any an all information on this website is discussed with a treating medical practitioner before use. 

The aim of this website is the total integration of science-backed nutritional modalities of treatment into conventional medical care.

The aim of the approaches stated in this website, page, article or blog are meant as general information only for your consideration and personal research to arm you with knowledge that can then be discussed with the medical practitioners caring for your medical needs. The philosophy of this website is one of a team approach that includes the medical profession in a discussion of all things diet, supplements and lifestyle as it relates to your medical circumstance. As such we strongly recommend you discuss any information you find in this website with your treating medical practitioners.

Ultimately for all medical, surgical, dietary and lifestyle management programs it will be a personal decision. A personal decision is your unalienable right in democratic societies to do what you feel is best in your circumstance and where no harm occurs to others. However, any decision should be thoroughly informed after your investigation of the options, side-effects, efficacy, indications, contraindications and suitability of an option in your clinical circumstance.

We wish you the best of health from the Activ8Health team.