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Melatonin for Nocturnal Blood Pressure

Melatonin and Nocturnal Hypertension


Uncontrolled high blood pressure is dangerous. It is known as the ‘silent killer’ as you are unaware you have this and you can continue with your life not knowing your risk until that one fateful day when life changes forever – that is if you survive!

Apart from a catastrophic event like a massive heart attack or stroke that kills instantly, you can suffer from kidney damage and chronic renal failure or a stroke that does not kill but maims or you are limited in what you can do because of heart failure.

Around 35% of people with hypertension are non-dippers where the blood pressure does not come down over night but stays eleveated putting a great deal of stress on your heart. This means a much shorter lifespan!

Circadian Rhythm of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure ‘surges’ in the early hours of the morning as you prepare to awaken1. This surge in blood pressure can be deadly with a significant number of cardiovascular events occurring in this early morning period1.

Choosing the right medication such as Telmisartan® based antihypertensives offer an advantage in that these medications provide proven 24 hour coverage that includes the critical and dangerous early morning period1. Discuss this with your doctor.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring over a 24 hours is a far better predictor of cardiovascular risk. It is important to see how you respond to stress in your working life or even exercise and to understand what is happening while you are asleep.

This 24 hour blood pressure monitoring will pickup if you are a ‘non-dipper’ and this is important as blood pressure should drop overnight allowing your heart some respite from having to push blood through a high pressure head in your arteries.

This type of monitoring is offered by many of the blood collecting services and your doctor can guide you in this regard.

Melatonin and nocturnal blood pressure control

Melatonin is a known regulator of circadian rhythms and that is why this is so well known for its use in jetlag. But very few know the blood pressure lowering effects and in particular the nocturnal blood pressure lowering effects of melatonin. This is very important for those non-dippers.

What you need is a long-acting melatonin like Circadin® not short-acting formulations that don’t have anywhere near the impact on blood pressure lowering. Long-acting melatonin can lower systolic blood pressure by an average of 6.1 mmHg and lower diastolic readings by 3.5 mmHg. For every 1mmHg reduction in blood pressure there is a significant decrease in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Discuss a Circadin script with your doctor if you are a non-dipper and suffer from nocturnal high blood pressure.


1, Giles, T.D., 2006. Circadian rhythm of blood pressure and the relation to cardiovascular events. Journal of Hypertension, 24, pp.S11-S16