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Important points


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What are the ingredients?

Please view carefully and avoid if you are sensitive to any of the components in this blend. Discuss with your doctor if you are on Warfarin (Coumadin) or pregnant


That phytochemical intake is critical for health is undeniable. One of the most consistent findings in terms of health outcomes, is that the vast majority of studies have shown a strong correlation between vegetable and fruit intake and a range of health benefits such as a decreased risk of cancer, decrease in weight, lowering of blood pressure and a decrease in the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease! Both cancer and cardiovascular disease are the top two disease states in the USA and in many industrialized nations.

10 Servings of Vegetables & Fruit

When taking NanogGreens as suggested, you are taking in the equivalent of 10 servings of phytochemicals. This is vital for the beneficial hormesis effects provided by the massive number of these plant chemicals. Hormesis is the beneficial effect of phytochemicals acting on many genes in your DNA to provide a wide variety of benefits from antiinflammatory benefits to boosting biotransformation (detox) pathways and providing antioxidant power.

When the vast number of people in Western populations consume around 1 – 2 servings of vegetables and perhaps 1 serving of fruit a day, is it any wonder that chronic disease such as diabetes, heart and vascular disease and cancer is so widespread.