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Precision Nutrition Principles


Dr. Rodney Lopez

MBBS (Usyd) GradCertNutriMed (RMIT)

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What is Precision Nutrition? 

We all know that each one of us is unique in many ways. Therefore, what is adequate nutritionally for someone will barely make a dent in the nutritional resources needed for someone else. The reasons for this are many and easy enough to understand if we consider dietary intake based on many factors. These factors include: age, level of activity and exercise, health or ill health, chronic disease conditions and severity, the number of medications needed that can have an anti-nutrient effect, genetic factors, environmental factors, lifestyle (alcohol, drugs, sedentary lifestyles).

What is shown below are tests designed to look at the factors that can impact your dietary needs. We can target the weaknesses with dietary guidance and targeted supplementation to ensure you have an optimal supply of nutrients for your specific circumstances.

Dietary Analysis: Data collection through an App and a file sent to the Dietitian for detailed analysis

A sophisticated Australian designed software program can analyse the data to produced detailed graphs of nutrient sufficiency or deficiency.

Detailed Gut Microbiome Analysis: Through Microba who use Metagenomics to map the entire gut microbiome in a human.

The organisms in the bowel can be affected by many common factors such as antibiotics, antacids, dietary intake, medications, alcohol intake, fat intake and the level of highly processed and fast foods consumed. 

The Activ8Health Nutritionists look at the microbiome analysis and provide additional information from a dietetic angle using a template created by Dr Rodney Lopez so that you have an in-depth understanding of the factors you need to be aware of.

Detailed Genetic Analysis (Nutrigenomics): Looking for mutations called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) that can determine the nutritional needs of an individual

Many genetic mutations can have an impact on the need for vitamins, minerals or trace elements. 

The genetic analysis is viewed by the Activ8Health nutritionists providing dietetic insights through a template that was developed by Dr Rodney Lopez that will provide you with a wealth of knowledge you can read and digest at your own pace. 

Detailed Omega-3 Analysis + Omega-3 Index: Low Omega-3 levels and high Omega-6 levels predominate in Western societies putting an individual at great risk for inflammatory processes and cardiovascular risk. 

This test will ascertain if you need to consume more Omega-3s and the dose required to quickly increase these important essential fatty acids in the body. Suppose the Omega-6 and Omega-3’s are not in balance. In that case, you will be primed for inflammatory processes to predominate, and most of our deadly diseases, including cancer, heart disease and dementia, are driven by inflammatory processes.