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Endometriosis - Driven by Estrogen  Estrogen is the driver of Endometriosis. Normal endometrium has no aromatase activity 274 but endometrial cells that spread beyond the ovary and uterine cavity have powerful aromatase action enabling these abnormal cells to generate all the estrogen they need to stimulate cell proliferation and spread 274. Aromatase is an enzyme [...]


Lignans Are found richly in flaxseed, sesame, buckwheat, grains, nuts and seeds. Flaxseed meal can be added to smoothies or salads or yoghurt to provide your body with a wealth of flasxeed lignans. Sesame seeds or Tahini are also rich sources of lignans.  Lignans are converted to Enterodiol and Enterolactone both of which are weak [...]


Breast Cancer Can be Prevented     80% of Breast Cancer can be prevented (British Medical Journal, Nature Journal): That 80% of breast cancer can be prevented124, 231 is a shocking statistic and a huge indictment on governments plus the medical and dietetic professions that don’t shout this out loud and lobby vigorously for change to [...]


Beta Glucuronidase It is an enzyme produced by certain bacteria in the bowel that splits estrogen bound to a benign molecule so that the bound estrogen can be carried through the large intestine safely. However, Beta Glucuronidase separates the estrogen from the neutralising compound allowing it to be absorbed back into the circulation. This estrogen [...]


The critical nature of Vitamin-D3 and Vitamin-K2 There is no doubt that Vitamin-D3 is critical to help absorb Calcium from the intestine but the important fact to understand is that Vitamin-K2 is vital to guide that Calcium away from soft tissues, vascular linings and heart valves towards bones and other functions like clotting. Redirection of [...]


N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Importance It is impossible to protect the body against the assault of so many toxic exposures and the trillions of free radicals created every minute from metabolic activity. It is thus critical that you have enough antioxidants in your system that can offset the damaging effect of environmental exposures and your own [...]

Button-Extra DHA-EPA-Resolvins-Eicosanoids

DHA-EPA-Eicosanoids-Resolvins Omega-3's are necessary to offset any inflammatory effects in the body. Without the compounds like Eicosanoids and Resolvins derived from these long-chain essential fatty acids incorporated in cell membranes to offset the Omega-6 derived eicosanoids, inflammation would dominate in the body and this will lead to worsening clinical outcomes in a myriad number of [...]


Don't put down a client's symptoms to "stress" - it takes knowledge to make a solid diagnosis  Calcium Homeostasis Panel   (Bone markers in darker green below) Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) 1.7-7.3 pmol/L There is an inverse relationship with Vitamin-D levels The lower the Vitamin-D level, the higher will be the PTH which will draw calcium [...]


Microdose Lithium can be used in many neurodegenerative disorders  Reference Lazzara, C.A. and Kim, Y.H., 2015. Potential application of lithium in Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases. Frontiers in neuroscience, 9, p.403.